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From "Ruth del Campo" <>
Subject AW: axis_c++ client for a java web service for "dummies"
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 17:30:33 GMT
Hi John, all 


Thanks again for your guide. I have tried it to develop a client for the
calculator example today. However, I'm currently having a problem in the
step of building the client.  It is writtenin the guide that the command to
execute is: 

g++ *.cpp -I<Axis installation directory>/include -L<Axis
installationdirectory>/lib -ldl -laxiscpp_client -ocalculator  


but I cannot build it because I do not know what is "axiscpp_client".  It is
not specified at the document what this is, and as I said, I am new to c++.
I know it should be a library.but, which library? Sorry if this is too

By the way, the rest was quite straight forward with the user guide.

Thank you very much

Best regards, 




Von: John Hawkins [] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2005 16:05
An: Apache AXIS C User List
Betreff: Re: axis_c++ client for a java web service for "dummies"



I've written a different version of the docs for users (which unfortunately
is not on the website, yet) that hopefully gives you a better idea of what
to do when you have the service. 

Please ty this out and see how you get on. 


"Ruth del Campo" <> 

20/12/2005 14:21 

Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C User List"






axis_c++ client for a java web service for "dummies"




Hi all 
I have developed a java web service with the help of the axis library. 
Now, I want to develop a c++ client for that web service.   
Since I haven't programmed before in c++ but only in Java, I find it quite
difficult to start doing it. Sorry if my questions seem very stupid or
I would like to know, what parts of the axis c++ library I need for
developing a c++ client..and if there is some tutorial about it more than
the one I found in apache (the one with the calculator example) since for
that I need to develop a c++ web service (which I would not like it, since I
already have mine in Java) 
Thank you very much in advantage. 
Kind regards and merry Christmas! 

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