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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Invalid C++ with ignoring anonymous type >
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 11:21:47 GMT
Is this rpc or doc ?
Are you using "refs" - you appear to say yes. Refs were not supported in 

1.6 is due out in the next few wks and many problems in this area were 
fixed - are you able to build and run the latest code in svn.

fyi: your wsdl didn't come through.

Iwan Tomlow <> 
30/11/2005 11:01
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C User List"

"''" <>

Invalid C++ with ignoring anonymous type >


I'm having trouble with creating C++ sources for the WSDL for a project 
starting on (using Axis C++ 1.5). The wsdl is rather complex, including 
of xsd-schemas and working with references, but I managed to reproduce the
problem with some small changes to the ref.wsdl example (attached).

After these change, WSDL2Ws produces the following output:

ignoring anonymous type >intComp
ignoring anonymous type >intItem
Code generation completed.

And in the resulting hpp-file, you see invalid stuff like:
                 STORAGE_CLASS_INFO >intItem echoInt(>intComp* Value0);

This looks more or less the same problem as in AXISCPP-753, but that issue
only talks about complex types. Here, the problem also exists with simple
types defined as 

                                                 <element name="intItem">

Instead of the default in the original ref.wsdl: <element name="intItem"
type="int" />

Is there any way around this problem?

Kind Regards,
Iwan Tomlow

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