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From Jason Musgrave <>
Subject Re: building apache axis c on aix 5.2 with the ant build fails
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 23:55:50 GMT
   It seems that AIX 5.2 has some header problems.  What seems to be
happening is there is an inconsistency in the way the constant
defining bitorder is being treated in the headerfiles in AIX 5.2
(Causing the AXIS build to fail.)  I turned it over to our admins when
I got that far, I believe they grabbed the header file from 5.1 (which
hopefully you have the rights to do.)  FYI there seems to be a problem
with the way this rev handles openssl sockets.

Good luck,

On 11/29/05, Dino LaChiusa <> wrote:
> I recently got this error, did you ever resolve it??
> thanks,
> Dino
> Building Apache Axis C on AIX 5.2 with the ANT build fails giving:
>        [cc] /usr/vacpp/exe/xlCentry -D_AIX -D_AIX32 -D_AIX41 -D_AIX43
> -I/home/jmusgrav/axis/axis-c-1.5.0-linux-src/include -q64 -qlargetype
> -qansialias -qstaticinline -oAxis2Transport.o
> /home/jmusgrav/axis/axis-c-1.5.0-linux-src/src/transport/axis2/Axis2Transpo­rt.cpp
> /tmp/xlcW0J-MiMa /tmp/xlcW1J-MiMb /dev/null Axis2Transport.lst
> /dev/null /tmp/xlcW2J-MiMc
>        [cc] "/usr/include/netinet/ip.h", line 119.25: 1540-0057 (S) The
> declaration specifier is missing.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> thanks,
> Jason

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