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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: AXIS-C++ ANT Build question
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 07:07:39 GMT
The valid values for "name" are ->
"gcc", "g++", "c++", "g77", "msvc", "bcc", "msrc", "brc", "df", "midl", 
"icl", "ecl", "icc", "ecc", "CC", "aCC", "os390", "os400", "sunc89", 
"xlC", "cl6x", "cl55", "armcc", "armcpp", "tcc", "tcpp", 
"sparc-sun-solaris2-gcc", "sparc-sun-solaris2-g++", 
"sparc-sun-solaris2-c++", "sparc-sun-solaris2-g77", "gcc-cross", 
"g++-cross", "c++-cross", "g77-cross" 

I'm not quite sure what to do now - I guess you could go to the c-contrib 
guys and ask them or you can simply create a soft link from say cc to your 
compiler - I guess it all boils down to whether the compiler has the same 
style command line args?

Sankarshana Madhavarao <> 
05/10/2005 04:43
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C User List"

Lilantha Darshana <>
Apache AXIS C User List <>
Re: AXIS-C++ ANT Build question

Thanks for the response...
Here is the detail...
"mips-linux-g++" is not a valid value for the compiler.
$PATH: had /usr/local/bin, /usr/bin, $JAVA_HOME/bin
Definition Added to buildinitialize.xml:
<condition property="mipslinux">
  <os name="linux"/>
<condition property="platform" value="mipslinux">
  <isset property="linux"/>
<compiler id="MipsLinuxgcc" name="mips-linux-g++" if="linux">
  <compilerarg value="-g" if="debug"/>
  <compilerarg value="-Wall"/>
  <compilerarg value="-Wshadow"/>
  <compilerarg value="-O2"/>
    <define name="ENABLE_AXIS_EXCEPTION"/> 
    <define name="HAVE_CONFIG_H"/>
    <define name="PIC"/>
  <includepath path="${dir.include}"/>
<linker id="LinuxLinker" name="mips-linux-g++" libtool="true" if="linux">
  <linkerarg value="-g" if="debug"/>
  <libset libs="stdc++"/> 
Sankarshana M

On 10/4/05, Lilantha Darshana <> wrote: 
It would be helpful if you send us following information:
- any errors that generated at the time of ant been executed.
- $PATH environment values, 
- and the fragment of definition you added to buildInitialize.xml

From: Sankarshana Madhavarao [mailto:] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 10:46 PM 
Subject: AXIS-C++ ANT Build question
I am using ANT build process to build AXIS-C++ source on Linux(INTEL).
However, I have a  requirement to build AXIS-C++ on MIPS processor (Linux 
For this, I have cross compilers installed on my INTEL LINUX BOX .
I am planning to cross compile on my INTEL box for MIPS..
Howevere, when I tried to add a new platform for mipslinux in my 
ANT have some error because it didn't recognise the cross compiler 
Any suggestions here??
Thanks in advance
Sankarshana M

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