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From "Anders Eriksson" <>
Subject RE: server memory leak
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 08:30:41 GMT

Hi again,

I have been working on this problem on and off the past weeks. Found:

1) in Apache1_3module (mod_axis.dll), in ApacheTransport.cpp m_pBuffers
is not deleted.

2) I am using complex types and the objects created by the wsdl-tools
dosen't seems to delete for example strings allocated by the
SoapDeSerializer. I added delete statements in the destructor.

Now, my debug version doesn't leak any memory. However the release
version still leaks about 150 k/1000 calls. This is a bit strange, I have 
compiling/changing dll:s and lib:s to try to fix it without success. Well, 
the moment this is ok.

Thanks for the good work folks,

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Subject:    RE: server memory leak
From:       "Chinthana C. Dinapala" <CDinapala () virtusa ! com>
Date:       2005-09-15 11:13:21

Hi Anders,

Could you please try with SVN checkout? Latest code you can get from
We had a problem earlier init and finit functions are called each and
every method in the service. But we have solved that issue now.

To get information how to use SVN please refer Windows Developer's Guide
or Axis
C++ ANT Build Guide.

It may have memory leaks still. So if you can find where the places
memory is leaks that would be great and we would be able to solve it.


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From: Anders Eriksson []
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 4:47 PM
Subject: server memory leak

Hi everybody,

I have a axis-c server working as a mod to apache1.3
running on windows. For the axis installation I have
used the binary distribution from 20050409 on

My problem is that the memory usage for apache
increases after each call to my server. I have made
tests where I return immediately when entering in
any of the functions treating the call (onFault, init,
fini and the webservices function called) to void any
leaks that I might have created self.

I have also tried to compile the latest cvs version
(mod_axis.dll, AxisServer.dll, HTTPChannel.dll,
HTTPTransport.dll, AxisXMLParser.dll) but the
leak remains.

Anyone recognizes this problem?


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