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From Pico Florin <>
Subject Re: Removing call parameters
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 08:50:05 GMT


 1. I was referring to the Call parameters. You have a method "addParameter" in the Call class,
therefore I was thinking that could exists the oposite "removeParameter"(in Java we have removeAllParameters())


 2.  If I've let the code snippet like it was, meaning:


InteropTestPortType * ws = new InteropTestPortType();
  for ( int i = 0 ; i < 100000 ; i++ ) {
      AxisChar* pachEchoStringResult = ws->echoString("Hello");
     printf("Call %d->%s\n",i,pachEchoStringResult);
  delete ws;
  ws = NULL;

the SAP BC server will fail after 1000-2000 or less than 1000 service invokes. This code either
will lead to this exception:


Exception : HTTPTransportException:Unknown Transport Exception Failed to open co
nnection to server:
                                Error Message='No connection could be made because the target
machine actively refused it.
'                               Error Code='10061'


or to this one:


Server has reached client limit


I've also tested the JBoss with an Axis  Java client code like above and it pass very well
100000 invokes.


Now I'm testing the same code snnipet but with a small change:


  for ( int i = 0 ; i < 100000 ; i++ ) {

    Thread::sleep( 500 );
      AxisChar* pachEchoStringResult = ws->echoString("Hello");
     printf("Call %d->%s\n",i,pachEchoStringResult);

It seems that is better than before. It pass with success 4600 invokes. The same code with
an Axis Java client pass 19000.


So, I hope that can be a solution for me:).





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