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From Tomaz Rotovnik <>
Subject Re: Why "m_pCall->initialize(CPP_RPC_PROVIDER))" fails?
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:01:00 GMT

Thank you for the response. I just want to say that using different libraries (AxisXMLParser.dll
 - original, my release and my debug ,  xerces-c_X_X) causes different behavior in loading
HTTPChannel.dll library. I'm using only 1.5 version of AXIS. 

Only when I generated AxisXMLParser.dll library by myself  (compiled with VC++ 6.0) and using
xerces-c_2_7.dll library I get correct behavior (HTTPChannel.dll library is loaded only once).
In other cases (using original AxisXMLParser.dll which loads xerces-c_2_2) HTTPChannel.dll
library is loaded for each axis instance.

Does anyone checked loading HTTPChannel.dll when using multithreaded client side of axis?

Best regards


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  From: John Hawkins 
  To: Apache AXIS C User List 
  Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2005 12:40 PM
  Subject: Re: Why "m_pCall->initialize(CPP_RPC_PROVIDER))" fails?

  Hmm, not quite clear on what you're saying here but if it helps I don't think we fixed the
transport reload issue until post 1.5 

        "Tomaz Rotovnik" <> 
        12/10/2005 18:38 Please respond to
              "Apache AXIS C User List" 

       To "Apache AXIS C User List" <>  
              Subject Re: Why "m_pCall->initialize(CPP_RPC_PROVIDER))" fails? 



  I tested again and I think I found the problem. First I used my compiled version of AxisClient.dll
with AxisXMLParser.dll allready provided in axis version 1.5 + xerces-c_2_2_0. Each time I
performed transaction, the HTTPChannel.dll librariy was loaded again and again. 
  Then I used my compilation of debug AxisXMLParser.dll with xerces-c_2_7. Debug HTTPChannel.dll
library was loaded only at the begining (when Axis::initialize(false) was called). 
  If I use debug version of AxisClient.dll and release version of AxisXMLParser.dll the release
HTTPChannel.dll librariy is loaded at each call again and again. 
  It is very strange and also not logical for me. 
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: John Hawkins 
  To: Apache AXIS C User List 
  Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 11:28 AM 
  Subject: Re: Why "m_pCall->initialize(CPP_RPC_PROVIDER))" fails? 

  Hmm, I thought we'd got rid of this - there is certainly a JIRA that was trying to address
all these sorts of issues. 
  Hmm, looks like it never had any specific issues addressed in it ! Maybe you can use this
JIRA to fix it ? 


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