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From "Tomaz Rotovnik" <>
Subject Memory Leak?
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:04:26 GMT

I'm using axis 1.5 C++. When I tested my client (multithreaded) I found out that memory is
growing with number of transactions. I read Axis C++ Memory Management Guide about De-allocation

For example WSDL2XML generated this parts of code

Parameters that will be send over the web

 m_pCall->addParameter((void*)&Value0, "lTerminalID", XSD_LONG);
 m_pCall->addParameter((void*)Value1, "sMSISDN", XSD_STRING);
 m_pCall->addParameter((void*)&Value2, "dAmount", XSD_DOUBLE);
We expect next received parameters:

xsd__string sBlpType;
xsd__double dAmount;
xsd__string lTransactionID;

Where and How can I delete memory for this parameters?

Return function is something like that

MPBLPSoap::AddPoints(xsd__long Value0, xsd__string Value1, xsd__double Value2){
pReturn = (setReturnAddPointsParameter*)m_pCall->getCmplxObject((void*) Axis_DeSerialize_setReturnAddPointsParameter,
(void*) Axis_Create_setReturnAddPointsParameter, (void*) Axis_Delete_setReturnAddPointsParameter,"AddPointsResult",

and this is part of calling statement:

setReturnAddPointsParameter* pRAPP = NULL;
MPBLPSoap pBLP_authorize(sMPG.strURL.c_str(), APTHTTP1_1);
pRAPP = pBLP_authorize.AddPoints(1,sTr.szMSISDN,sTr.dAmount);

After successful operation I call 


but unfortunately I still get memory leak. I checked with Trial version of IBM PurifyPlus
and it suspects that memory leak exists because of unallocated parameters :

m_pCall->addParameter((void*)Value1, "sMSISDN", XSD_STRING);

xsd__string sBlpType;
xsd__double dAmount;
xsd__string lTransactionID;

I also checked what calling free do: It erases the pointers (they become undefined), so they
are de-allocated right?

But memory is still growing with each transaction and Purify always shows on the same problem.

I also find out that new char is created when calling 
m_pCall->addParameter((void*)Value1, "sMSISDN", XSD_STRING);
so when is this array deleted?

Any suggestions are welcome.


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