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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Time for 1.6 Alpha? [was Re: server memory leak]
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 00:21:02 GMT
Hi all,
     I noticed in the past week or so, the users are complaining about 
probelms in 1.5 that we have alredy fixed in the SVN head. Most of the 
issues are non issues against the current code base.
     Hence would it be not a good idea to package our 1.6 alpha so that 
users could try and report bugs against that? I know that we have the 
nightly builds, but still nice to have an offical release tag here as 
many assume nightly build to be *very buggy*, which is not true in our 
case, but still it's a user feeling.
     We may have to spend some energy to fix the docs in line with the 
latest chnages, like the server.wsdd changes, but it is still worth 
IMHO, given the energy that we have to spend to help users fix issues in 
the older release which are already fixed in the current code.

Thoughts please,

Anders Eriksson wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I have a axis-c server working as a mod to apache1.3
> running on windows. For the axis installation I have
> used the binary distribution from 20050409 on
> My problem is that the memory usage for apache
> increases after each call to my server. I have made
> tests where I return immediately when entering in
> any of the functions treating the call (onFault, init,
> fini and the webservices function called) to void any
> leaks that I might have created self.
> I have also tried to compile the latest cvs version
> (mod_axis.dll, AxisServer.dll, HTTPChannel.dll,
> HTTPTransport.dll, AxisXMLParser.dll) but the
> leak remains.
> Anyone recognizes this problem?
> /Anders
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