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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject [Fwd: Re: v1.5 on XP fails to load mod_axis2.dll]
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 04:49:02 GMT
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On 9/10/05, Peter <> wrote:
> (cont.)
> Still working with the apache code in a Debug build...
> I hope the following helps.  If you reply to me with a
> test to perform, I can see what I can do.
> I found where modules are loaded, and confirmed that
> the mod_axis2.dll is being loaded without apparent
> error. (The dso.c:apr_dso_load():LoadLibraryExW() call
> succeeds).
> Also determined that if I simply skip the "start"
> section of mpm_winnt.c:winnt_post_config() guarded by
> the line:
>    if (!strcasecmp(signal_arg,"start"))
> the server comes up, and I can see the
> http://localhost/axis page.
> However, the sample programs still do not work.
> I see errors such as:
>    Exception: cannot deserialize the requested element
> or
>    Receive from trasport failed.

Looks like there are some deserialization problems.

Could you please capture the Request/Response messages that is passes
back and forth for a sample and send it.

Please use the base sample if possible.
Please see
on how to run tcpmon (this is a java tool)


> Thanks for your help.
> P.S. - I am in Redwood City, CA. I can work with
> someone in my area who is familiar with the apache
> code and wants to help resolve this error, if
> necessary.
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