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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Two build questions
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 05:23:38 GMT
Hi Kevin,  
     Please see below for my response.

On 8/22/05, Kevin Rogers <> wrote:
> Hi! Before I drop a bunch of question on you, I just wanted to say great
> job on the library!  =)

> I have two build-related questions for the group:
> The first question has to do with the version of Xerces that the lib
> builds against / uses at runtime. I'm attempting to get Axis 1.5.0 to
> use Xerces 2.5. I can successfully build the code against Xerces 2.5,
> however, at runtime I get errors of the form:
> HTTPTransportException: HTTP transport error
> Exception Code: 50
> ...which I did not receive before when using Xerces 2.2 (no code
> changes). I've updated the references in the file
> and the axiscpp.conf file to point to the 2.5 version of Xerces. Are
> there any other variables which reference the version of Xerces in the
> building of the Axis lib? I know that it may not be possible to run Axis
> 1.5 against a newer version of the library, but I thought it would be
> worth asking the group.

We seem to have few problems with Xerces 2.6 with some test cases.
However, I was able to run the samples both on Linux and Windows using
Xerces 2.6

axisapp.conf file is not pointing to the Xerces parser. Rather it is
ponting to the Axis C++ implementation of the Xerces based paser
abstraction layer lib.

The build variables that you have mentioned are the only ones for 1.5 release.
With the current CVS version we have a simplified build properties
file named ""

> ...Speaking of the axiscpp.conf file - that leads me to me second set of
> questions...
> First, I'm curious as to why the axiscpp.conf file is necessary, and was
> wondering (read: hoping) if it might be done away with in the next
> release of Axis. I guess what I'm having trouble understanding is why
> the version of libraries that are being used need to be specified both
> at build time *and* at run-time, especially with absolute paths. It
> seems strange to have to specify a library location in a file when it
> should be picked up at runtime on the library include path.

The libs such as Xerces are infact are picked from the lib path. We
need the axiscpp.conf file to specify the location of the paser,
transport and cannel abstraction implementations.

As an example, one can either use the Xerces based or the Guththila
based implementation of the parser abstraction layer. The way to
specify which one to use is to use the conf file. The same applied to
the transport (we used to have several transport implementations in
the past. We had a LibWWW based one. Even though LibWWW is not used
any more, we want to keep the options open. )

> Second, for right now, I need to have the axiscpp.conf file located
> somewhere other that /etc, and was wondering what needs to be done to
> make that happen?

You do not need to have the conf file in /etc. All that you have to do
is to define the AXISCPP_DEPLOY environment variable. Then both the
server and clients will try to locate the conf file from

Obviously, if AXISCPP_DEPLOY is not set, it will look in /etc.


> Again, keep up the great work, and thanks in advance for any help!
> kevin
> --
> Kevin Rogers
> PDI / Dreamworks
> ext.29163 | 650.562.9163

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