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From Fred Preston <>
Subject RE: Closing a secure channel
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 10:23:12 GMT
Hi Bruce,
        You're right.  Axis2 SSL was a bit of a mess and that's why it was 
dropped.  It works, but is untidy and unfinished.  Looking at the 
Axis2Transport code, the currently loaded channel will be deleted (and 
it's destructor called) when the Axis2Transport is deleted (i.e when the 
web service is deleted).  The openConnection and closeConnection do very 
little in Axis2Transport and unfortunately do not communicate with the 
underlying channel.  I was hoping that there might be a 'back door' to 
getting the channel object and then be able to call methods on it, but 
there is not...

Just to recap, all of the channel close socket communication happens on 
the destructor (as it does in channel::~Channel()).  This is missing from 
the SSL channel.  Thus, when the web service is deleted, the 
Axis2Transport will delete the currently active channel (before being 
deleted itself).  This will call the channel destructor and if it is an 
SSL channel nothing happens because the destructor is empty.  This will 
leave the SSL library open causing memory leaks.

The only solution to your problem is, if you have the OpenSSLChannel 
project, add 'closeSecureSocket();' to the empty destructor method and 


Fred Preston.

Bruce McHaffie <>
06/16/2005 04:24 PM
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        Subject:        RE: Closing a secure channel


Hi Fred, thanks for the reply. That would work, except the destructor for 
the secure channel object (derived from Channel) is empty too. So when the 
channel object is destroyed in the transport destructor, the secure 
channel destructor gets called but doesn't do anything. So 
closeSSLChannel() doesn't get called when the transport object disappears. 
Neither does destroySSLChannelObject(), which is a shame because it would 
give my SSL library a chance to clean up after itself. In fact I'm not 
sure the SSL library gets unloaded at all. Or again, maybe I'm missing 

PS: I'm looking at 1.5 now, but for this release I'm stuck with 1.4.
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From: Fred Preston [] 
Sent: June 16, 2005 6:08 AM
To: Apache AXIS C User List
Subject: Re: Closing a secure channel

Hi Bruce, 
        You should now be using AXIS3 transport.  The reason why the 
method is empty is because the socket was not closed until you deleted the 
web service which in turn would call the destructor on the transport 
object, closing and then deleting the channel object. 


Fred Preston.

Bruce McHaffie <> 
06/15/2005 08:30 PM 
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        Subject:        Closing a secure channel 


A 1.4 question for you: in axis2/SecureChannel.cpp the close() method 
doesn't do anything. Shouldn't it at least close the connection that is 
opened in the open() method? For instance: 
void SecureChannel::close() 
Or am I missing something here? 

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