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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: WS-Security
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 10:29:32 GMT
So, it doesn't sound like we're that far off - if we just implement the 
getSOAPBodyAsString() method then we would be able to have ws-security on 
client-side (at least)?

Din%$h <> 
12/05/2005 10:21
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Apache AXIS C User List <>

Re: WS-Security

Hi John,

     Let me breif what we tried to do.

   When Client make a request ,  we get the Body from the serializer and 
Encrypt it again set those encrypted Body to the message. At the server 
end we got the encrypted message from the deserializer and decrypted it. 
and get the original message. For the response flow also scenario remains 
same. We hoped to do it using an handler.

Since there was a method called getBodyAsString(), (as I remember). We 
creadted DOM tree using that body. ( If we could get Object Model that was 

giving soap message as a String I was able to Encrypt it and Giving that 
Encrypt message I was able to got that  original message too.

Since there wasn't a way to get acess to the Body( getSoapBodyAsString () 
or any other method which can access body didn't implemented at that 
time). We didn't able to integrate it with axis using a handler.


On 5/12/05, John Hawkins <> wrote:

Hi Dinesh, 

Can I ask - how you wanted that soap body? 

Would you need a byte stream or an object model? 

Was this client or server side or both? 

Was it on the outgoing or incoming message or both? 


Din%$h <> 
12/05/2005 08:07 

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Apache AXIS C User List < > 

Re: WS-Security

     Both Sameera and my self had worked on this (WSS4C). We needed to get 
body of Soap Message through a handler.( from Serilizer). But 
Unfortunately It was not implemented at that time.( It was commented /* To 
do */). There were some threads discussing about those methods. 

We were unable to get access to the Body of the Soap message through a 
handler.So we 
stopped at that point. ( Until those methods are implemented )

I don't know whether some one is working on this Project now.


On 5/12/05, Samisa Abeysinghe < > wrote: 
There were some efforts and there were some improvements proposed to the
current engine to help implement WS-Security ,like opening up the SOAP
body in handlers. But we did not hear from anyone on this lately.

Is there anyone working on WS-Sec at the moment?


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From: Patrick Heffernan [ ]
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 12:14 PM
Subject: WS-Security

I apologize if I've missed this in some publication.  What is the plan 
for Axis C++ support WS-Security?  I've got a project that requires the
WSE Username/Password token and I'm trying to determine what options are
available to me.

Thanks, pat

W.Dinesh Premalal 

W.Dinesh Premalal 

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