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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: axis-c client on aix 5.2
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 07:46:51 GMT
Hi Mike,

Do you just want the client or a server as well? (You mention Apache web 
Do you want C or C++ stubs - the support for C is limted today but C++ is 
fully supported.

If you just want the client then you can use the Axis client which is 
being built daily using AIX 5.1 ml4 -> Just take the client libraries 
and ignore he server libs. This is compiled using Visual age for C/C++. If 
you need to you can fairly easily compile this yourself using the ANT 
scripts which is what the daily builds are created with. Although you do 
need to compile the rest of the pre-reqs which can be a headache ! (We can 
help you if you get into trouble!).

If you want support for this then IBM offers the client as a supportpac 
which you can get support for if you have an Websphere MQ licence ->

With regard to pre-reqs you can either use the open-source versions i.e. 
xerces and openssl (if you require secure connections) or IBM's build uses 
the IBM versions of these products XML4C (which is ICU4C and xerces 
combined) and gskit (which is based on openssl). The nightly build uses 
the open-source versions.

This will give you a 100% C++ runtime. You do need to have 100% Java 
tooling to create the stubs and run WSDL2Ws

That's probably enough to give you an overview of availabilty on AIX. If 
you want more I would suggest you look at the ANT scripts or discuss on 
the user list (what problems are you having getting on to that?)

Hope this helps,

"Umphress, Michael" <> 
10/05/2005 19:29

John Hawkins/UK/IBM@IBMGB

axis-c client on aix 5.2

Hello John,
I apologize for the fact that I am imposing by sending you a direct 
question that would more properly be directed to the Axis C-users forum, 
but I am having difficulties subscribing so that I can post a question for 
the community-at-large.
We are looking into the feasibility of building an Axis client in C on our 
IBM 7040-681 running AIX 5.2 with WebSM installed. Management would prefer 
that we use only what we have currently installed (with the exception of 
C-libraries); meaning no Apache Web Server, no Java, etc.  Can that be 
done?  If so, would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction 
as to where I can gather the necessary resources?  We are an Informix 4GL 
shop, making us essentially cavemen when it comes to this whiz-bang web 
Best Regards and Many Thanks,
Mike Umphress
La Quinta Corporation
Dallas, Texas USA

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