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From "Ken Noland" <>
Subject A couple of questions
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 23:12:40 GMT

I have a couple quick questions. I've been browsing through the source
all day long and I have to admit, nice job guys! I have noticed a few
odd things here and there though.

For instance, in call.cpp, you allow them to specify which protocol to
use, but later, in openConnection(), you disregard what they have chosen
in code for whatever they have in their conf file. From the point of
view of a developer, that could be a serious pain to track down why my
client won't connect to an SSL server and a regular http server at the
same time. Not to mention a serious limitation if all you client does is
pull data off multiple servers.

Simple fix, allow the developer to choose. If they leave the option
blank(eg:APTUNKNOWN) then try to parse it out of the url. If that fails
then go with the default in the conf file. If you want, I can make the
changes for you.

In favor of the correct fix, I just take whatever call.setProtocol is
set to and tunnel that through to HttpTransport which then creates my
nifty HTTP or HTTPSSL guy(great job guys on writing those libraries).

-Ken Noland

P.S. I still haven't had anyone answer my previous post... does anyone
read these?

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