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From "Carsten Blecken" <>
Subject RE: debugging a service which uses Apache plugin
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 16:47:35 GMT
I have only a little bit experience with the apache plugin. If you do the apache
 plugin stdout (printf) is the only way I know of (and running apache with -X). 

The SimpleAxisServer can be run inside the debugger, which makes it great for
finding problem :)


A somehow related email from the dev list :

> Firstly - has any one got the module workiing on windows? 

Yes it is working on Windows XP machine as well as on the test setup
with Windows 2003 server machine.

If you are facing problems the best is to run apache indebug mode
(Apache -X) and watch for the output.
Please note that the client transport is also required tobe on the
path for the server to run on Windows (Yes there is a problem here)

> Secondly - can some tell me, if I put stdio into the module (for debug)
> where does it come out? 

If you have stdouts, if you run apache in debug mode (using Apache -X)
then the output will appear on the console. If apache is not started
with -X you will not see any stdouts

The common problems the server would fail to work are:
1. Trying to run apache with a new module and old Axis DLLs (or vice versa)
2. Clint transport dll not being on the path (All axis cpp dlls should
be on path)
3. Apache not being able to locate the xerces dll (need to have this on path)
4. axiscpp.conf not on %AXISCPP_DEPLOY% folder (note that it is on
linux that you have to have the conf file in etc folder - I would like
this to be the same on both platforms)
5. server.wsdd not at the location as specified in axiscpp.conf.
6. the service dlls not loated at the location specified by server.wsdd

when verifying the server deployment first verify that apache works
then verify that axis works with http://localhost/axis/ (note that the
url http://localhost/axis with the trailing '/' missing does not

If apache works and axis url does not work, often the problems are
likely to be 5 and/or 6
If apache fails to work, then one of the problems 1 to 4 are likely
and apache cannot load the module.



-----Original Message-----
From: Joe Love []
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 9:18 AM
To: Apache AXIS C User List
Subject: debugging a service which uses Apache plugin

In my attempts to understand why I cannot get a persistent connection to 
the server, it has been suggested to me that I need to figure out why 
the server does not send the result of the second query.  (See mailing 
list mails entitled "issues establishing a persistent connection"

I cannot find any documentation on the website which describes a good 
way to attempt to debug the server-side code to a particular web 
service.  Is there a recommended way to do this?  I'm largely looking to 
add in statements which print out information during runtime (such as to 
a logfile), rather than running the whole thing in a debugger.


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