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From Tim Bartley <>
Subject Client stub reuse
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 23:54:00 GMT

Are there any limitations on the reuse of client stub objects?

For example support I have Foo.wsdl and generate a client stub class Foo. 
Is it safe to do:

Foo stub;

while (1) {
        char* url = <choose url from list of replicated servers>;
        if (tried all servers) {
                return error;

        try {
                return success;
        catch (server unavailable) {
        catch (...) {
                return error;

I expect that the stubs are re-entrant but not thread safe i.e. I expect 
to use exactly one, long lived, stub object per-thread (yes, I realize the 
code above doesn't quite achieve that).

Also, are transport connections e.g. in HTTP 1.1. transport, reused 
between method invocations? This particularly important for SSL where 
connection set up overhead can be very high. I assume they are (which is 
why I want to do the above) but thought I'd check.


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