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From "Kenneth F. Krutsch" <>
Subject Document Literal Support
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 15:52:36 GMT
* I'm resending this earlier message, as I never saw it come across the mail
list... My apologies, in advance, if this really did go out to every one
last week.


The release notes indicate that there could be problems with Document-style
messaging on the server-side.  My simple examples all fail now with
1.5-alpha (they we're working with 1.4).
Before I dive in and try to figure out what is wrong, can someone tell me if
this expected to function with the final release?
Also, FYI, the sample axiscpp.conf lists the wrong transport (i.e., 2
instead of 3); these sort of mistakes can be a real headache for the novice
Thanks, Ken

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