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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: SoapSerializer was modified to support attachments.
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 13:06:07 GMT


I'm a little confused as to the relationship between a soap attachment,
body and header. How come the IWrapperSoapSerializer has setters for all
three but there are only interfaces for the attachment. how do I create a
body or header - we have methods for creating an attachment but not the
others? What does a body or header look like? can it be anything etc. etc.
Some doc in the code might be good here?

And I don't actually understand what an attachment header is (knowing this
might help me understand the above :-)

What is the memory management model for an attachment?

cheers for now,

John Hawkins

"Rangika Mendis" <> wrote on 07/01/2005 10:41:07:

> Hi All,
> We added  functionalities to  the serializer to serialize soap
> attachments. The following files were added for that purpose.
> 1. SoapAttachmentHeaders
> 2. SoapAttachment
> New API  allows to add Soap Attachment objects to the serializer.
> The following methods in IWrapperSoapSerializer.hpp can be used  to
> add attachment details to the Serializer.
> virtual void addAttachment(const AxisChar* achId, ISoapAttachment*
> objAttach)=0;
>  virtual void addAttachmentBody(const AxisChar* achId,
> xsd__base64Binary* pAttchBody)=0;
>  virtual void addAttachmentHeader(const AxisChar* achId, const
> AxisChar* achHeaderName, const AxisChar* achHeaderValue)=0;
>  /**
>     * creates and returns a SoapAttachment object to the caller of
> this methods.
>  *  The user can use this object and fill in the attachment details. This
>  *  method doesn't add the created SoapAttachment object to the
>  *  The user will have to add this object explictly by calling the
> addAttachment
>  *  method of the IWrapperSoapSerializer interface
>     *
>     */
>  virtual ISoapAttachment* createSoapAttachement()=0;
> These methods will be used by the web service wrapper class.
> Any comments on this will be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
>  Nithya & Rangika

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