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From "Rinsad Ahmed" <>
Subject Session Management with WS-Addressing
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 08:33:00 GMT
It is time talk about session management with ws-addressing.

WS-Addressing supports session management (or stateful communication) in a 
protocol neutral manner.For that, it uses an xml element named 
Referenceproperties, which consists all the session specific parameters as 
sub elements, which in turn a sub element of a soap header element, 
abstractly named as EndpointReference.
Note:- The header elements From, ReplyTo, FaultTo are instances of 

In my handler, I use a complex object which is an instance of class 
ReferenceProperties to store these parameters and store it in the 
IMessageData which is accessible by the Web Service or Web Client. 

But at the moment the client and server engines have no support either to set 
it to the outgoing message or get it from the incoming message.

Here I am suggesting a way for the session management over ws-addressing.

First, the server and client engine should provide an API similar to 
ReferenceProperties class which I used. Or we may come agree on a common 

Second, the server engine should maintain a pool of ReferenceProperties which 
are keyed by sessionId. Each object should have a timestamp. After a certain 
time elapsed the object should be removed from the pool(session timeout 
period). If the client accessed the service with in the timeout period the 
timestamp should be updated. If the object has already removed, a new session 
should be initiated.

Third, even after the connection is broken, the state information should be 
available in the client memory which is required to be used later, till the 
client itself is closed.

Please comment on this requirement. Ask for any clarification


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