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From "Christopher J. Campbell" <>
Subject RE: Axis Client Stubs running within Component Services
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 22:57:32 GMT
One big issue in COM+ apps that do any network or file system
interaction is the "Identify" configuration under which the application
runs.  The default system account has very minimal privileges.

I have found that configuring the app as a "Library" type (vs "Server")
temporarily in Component Services can be helpful in troubleshooting
issues, as you can then perform interactive tests within a single
foreground process space i.e. command-prompt window.  If there is an
error MessageBox that can't be displayed when running as a background
server app due to lack of a display context, you will likely be able to
see it in Library app mode.  (I've mainly been using ActiveState Perl to
create simple test scripts, but you can of course use VB, VC++, ASP or

I have not actually tried integrating AxisCPP client code into COM+
components as of yet, but may do so soon depending on the direction some
pending projects lean towards. Please keep us posted if you learn
anything significant!



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From: John Hambilton [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 4:50 AM
Subject: Axis Client Stubs running within Component Services


I've just started trying to get automatically generated C++ client stubs
running with Component Services. When I call the component I get the
following in the application event log:

The system has called a custom component and that component has failed
and generated an exception. This indicates a problem with the custom
component. Notify the developer of this component that a failure has
occurred and provide them with the information below. 
Component Prog ID: 
Server Application ID: {C65DBF8A-6099-4201-9E7E-7ED1D53DA90C}
Server Application Name: TEST
The serious nature of this error has caused the process to terminate.
Exception: E06D7363
Address: 0x7C4EA4E1
Call Stack: 
KERNEL32!RaiseException + 0x55
MSVCRT!_CxxThrowException + 0x34
AxisClient!axiscpp::Stub::s_Initialize(void) + 0xEFD9
AxisClient!initialize_module + 0x150
AxisClient!axiscpp::Call::Call(void) + 0xA2
AxisClient!axiscpp::Stub::Stub(char const *,enum AXIS_PROTOCOL_TYPE) +
0x9F TEST!DllGetClassObject + 0x88FB TEST!DllGetClassObject + 0x10EFA
OLEAUT32!DispCallFunc + 0x15D OLEAUT32!ClearCustData + 0x588
TEST!DllGetClassObject + 0x18230 TEST!DllGetClassObject + 0x181A1
OLEAUT32!UserEXCEPINFO_free_local + 0x57D  + 0xEC87CAF4

Has anybody else had any success with COM+ and Axis? Has anybody tried
it? I've had the stubs working within a COM component outside of
Component Services. I'm just trying to get an idea of how difficult the
task of running within component services is going to be.



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