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From "Day Reynolds, LennonX J" <>
Subject RE: exception with simple client
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 23:38:39 GMT
I've had this same problem when talking to .NET web services -- it seems
that the problem is that IIS is returning an "HTTP 100 Continue" status
code prior to the actual SOAP response, which Axis chokes on. The
quick-and-dirty fix I found was to use the 'Axis2Transport' transport
DLL, after patching the sources in the Axis2Transport constructor to use
HTTP 1.0, instead of 1.1.

In 'src/transport/axis2/Axis2Transport.cpp', change the string
"HTTP/1.1" in the m_strHTTPProtocol initializer to "HTTP/1.0", which
will force the client transport to use HTTP 1.0 by default. There's a
method in the transport class to set the protocol version, but it's not
part of the standard public Transport class interface, and therefore not
available to any code that's using the standard API calls.

I know that I really should have entered this as a bug in JIRA; I've
just been too busy on other fronts to make a proper bug report.
Hopefully, the longer-term solution will be to properly support the HTTP
100 response code, so that you don't have to give up the other benefits
of HTTP 1.1 protocol support (like pipelining) just to retain
compatibility with .NET servers.

Lennon Day-Reynolds

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From: Matt Garman [] 
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 7:27 AM
Subject: exception with simple client


I created a couple very simple web services on my machine (Win 2k)
using MS VS.NET 2003: "getTimeOfDay()" and "getHelloWorld()"

Now I am trying to create a C/C++ client to consume these services
using Apache Axis C++.  However, when I try to call even the
getHelloWorld() method, the following exception is thrown:

        AxisTransportException:HTTP transport error Continue

Any ideas on what could be causing this?  (Hopefully it's just me
overlooking something obvious!)


Matt Garman
email at:

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