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From "camille" <>
Subject RE : Borland c++ and axisclient.lib
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 07:56:50 GMT
Hi Susantha,
I tried COFF2OMF but i did i get a bad result (the lib had a very little
size (about 30 Ko instead ok 136 Ko for the original).
I open ClientEngineLibrary.dsp with the notepad to get the files used to
build the AxisClient.lib.
I made my own lib project in Borland with theses files. The problem is I
can not build axis source with borland because there are some type
undefined(I have many errors because of FILE* . For example, in
WSDDHAndler.h, virtual int updateWSDD(FILE* wsddfile, int tabcount);)
FILE is in stdio.h.  So I had the stdio in WSDDHandler.h.
The next error was about the conditionnal defines. I put WIN32 in the
options of my project. Am i right ?
Then , many methods have in the '.h' file the word AXISCALL but not in
the '.cpp' file . Borland don't want this.
Example : in MessageData : 
void AXISCALL getSoapSerializer(IWrapperSoapSerializer** pIWSS); in h
void MessageData::getSoapSerializer (IWrapperSoapSerializer**
pIWrapperSoapSerializer) in cpp.
What should I do ? do i need to put AXISCALL in cpp file or do i have to
erase AXISCALL in h file ?
Many thanks for your answer.
PS : I don't have vc

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De : Susantha Kumara [] 
Envoyé : mardi 21 décembre 2004 11:37
À : Apache AXIS C User List
Objet : Re: Borland c++ and axisclient.lib

camille wrote:

I am a newbie with Axis C++.
I want first to congralute the Axis team for this work. Your
documentation is very easy to read. Great for a newbie !
But, i am sorry to say I have a little problem.
Here is it. I am trying to code a client. I followed the steps described
in the "coding the client" section.
Everything is fine except that borland can not use the AxisClient.lib
file because it seems to be linked with VC6 (i guess !!)
I read some articles about OMF and COFF, but what i understand is that
Borland is not able to use a COFF file.
Is it possible to have a lib linked with borland, or to have a borland
project to be able to link this lib file ?
I am working with borland c++ 6
Thanks in advance for your help.

Did you try borland's COFF2OMF ?
Did you try to build the Axis source code and build those libs first ?. 


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