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From Christopher Kager <>
Subject problem with web service as client for another web service
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 19:33:04 GMT
hi, maybe someone can help me!

I have to call a web service out from a web service.

For example: I have a web service called "Multiplier" which multiplies 
two integer values. And my second web service is called "Calculator" 
which provides add, sub, mul, div.

Each web service works correct if they are used independently, so the 
WSDL file should be OK.

Now I want to call the method mul from the Multiplier out from the 
Calculators method mul.

With tcpMon I can see, that Multiplier calls Calculator put the 
parameters are a always 0.

Has anyone an idea what's going wrong???

Is it possible that web services don't work correct if the linker uses 
-ldl ? I can remember that I had this problem a month ago. But
for the client part I need the dynamic loading of libraries 
(-laxiscpp_client -ldl).

thanks for your help,

Christopher Kager

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