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From "Samisa Abeysinghe" <>
Subject RE: Axis c++ 1.4 Alpha is released
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 12:41:04 GMT

This is a point that we have missed - docs.
Install guides (even in the latest frozen CVS for 1.4 final) still
mention about Expat.


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From: []
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 5:11 PM
Subject: RE: Axis c++ 1.4 Alpha is released

OK, then the install docs need updating!
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	From: Farhaan Mohideen []
	Sent: 15 December 2004 10:42
	To: 'Apache AXIS C User List'
	Subject: RE: Axis c++ 1.4 Alpha is released
	Hi Adrian;
	During the 1.4 implementation it was decided by the axis-c
developers to stop supporting Expat as there were some issues associated
with it. Therefore you will have to use the Xerces parser.


	From: []
	Sent: 15 December 2004 15:59
	Subject: RE: Axis c++ 1.4 Alpha is released
	Sorry - having trace trouble - please find attached correct
response trace
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		From: Smith,AP,Adrian,XSJ67 R
		Sent: 15 December 2004 09:28
		To: 'Apache AXIS C User List'
		Subject: RE: Axis c++ 1.4 Alpha is released
		Hi there all,
		Still having problems with this in BT-land.
		1. Where is the expat parser support gone? I had to load
xerces - could it be made to use the latest version?
		2. Still have problems running this against our 'hello
		Warning - The configuration file was not found
		Exception : Cannot deserialize the requested element
		Exception : 68
		I have attached the WSDL, the client and a trace of the
		Adrian Smith
		BT Group
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			From: axis cpp []
			Sent: 03 December 2004 18:23
			Subject: Axis c++ 1.4 Alpha is released
			Hi All;
			1.4 Alpha has been released and could be
downloaded at
			The following features were added to this
			1. SSL implementation
			2. Cookie based session support for the client
side (AXISCPP-226)
			3. SOAP header based session support for the
client side (AXISCPP-238)
			The following improvements were made to this
			1. Create 100% C++ engine (AXISCPP-206)
			2. Refactor WSDL2WS (AXISCPP-215)
			3. Split client, server common includes
			4. Remove pre-defined paths from Axis CPP Conf
library names AXISCPP-220)
			5. Eliminate warnings (AXISCPP-155)
			6. Handler Tutorial (AXISCPP-244)
			7. Provide access to the body of the SOAP
message (AXISCPP-251)
			8. Conflict in const/non-const method calls for
Basic Node objects (AXISCPP-212)
			9. Required support to store Complex Object
properties (AXISCPP-276)
			10.Provide the facility to set a new SOAP body
to the DeSerializer from a Handler  (AXISCPP-301)
			A transport that supports IPV6 is included in
this release. While it works on linux, to get it running on windows
please refer to the JIRA AXISCPP-217.
			The followin JIRAs are still open for Axis c++
1.4 Alpha release
			AXISCPP-292 - 300
			We plan to release 1.4 final by the 10th of
December, therefore kindly test it as fast as possible and send in your
			Sanjaya, on behalf of the Axis C++ Team

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