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From "Farhaan Mohideen" <>
Subject RE: Troubles setting up axis_cpp
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2004 04:28:40 GMT
Hi Vincent;

For windows the following two links should help you do what you want.

But if this is not sufficient just write to us with the issues you are
facing so we can help you. 


-----Original Message-----
From: Fernando Álvarez-Uría [] 
Sent: 23 December 2004 03:21
Subject: Re: Troubles setting up axis_cpp

Hi, Vincent!

Thanks, ive already fixed it. Yes, it was a trouble with environment 

By the way, ive got to say im in a situation similar to yours, as i read 
in your post "How to use Axis CPP".

Im finding kind of difficult to write a simple WebService in C++, and 
mailing lists doesnt seem to be a very useful way of getting this done. 
Guys, even a RTFM answer would be ok, if it points to the manual.

There is lack of documentation on taking the first steps on building 
webservices using  Axis C++. Ok, theres WSDL2ws tool, which works, but 
noone explains how to deploy something simple like a HelloWorld web 
service. Everything has to be infered from Calculator.cpp, and for 
someone whos not used to deal with ws, or even c++ its quite hard.

Im writing some documentation, whenever i finish my helloworld, i can 
send you what ive done if you want.

Merry Christmas everyone,


Fernando Álvarez-Uría Torres

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