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From Roshan Weerasuriya <>
Subject Re: Problem with Axis C++/ Win XP/ Apache Server 1.3.31
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2004 05:21:33 GMT
hi Mazhar,

I think you should have send this mail to Axis C++ User mailing list,
but may be by mistake you have send this to Axis Java User mailing list.
Any how I just came across this mail, so please reply back to Axis C++
mailing list (

>Cannot load E:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/modules/mod_axis.dll
> into server

The reasons could be any of the following:

This can happen if any of the following files:
 - AxisServer.dll
 - AxisTransport.dll
 - AxisXMLParser.dll
 - xerces.dll (i.e The relavent parser dll)
 couldn't be found. You have to have these files at:
  - <AXISCPP_DEPLOY>/lib or
  - In a folder where your PATH environment varialbe points

Make sure you have done the following instruction at the Windows User
 - 6. Add [Axis_Folder]/lib to the PATH environment variable.

Note: Simply, if the additional dll's required by the Apache module
(mod_axis.dll) can be found the above error should not come. So double
check to make sure that what I have pointed is in place in your mechine.

Note: Even after this if it doesn't work, reinstall carefully following
the instructions again to make sure you don't miss any thing.

Note: If possible try installing with Apache2 as well.

>I have mod_axis.dll in Apache2/modules/
You seems to be using Apache 1.x , but you have mentioned above Apache2

>I have some problems with integration Axis (1-1-win32 ) and
I think it would be better if you use the latest Axis C++ version, which
is 1.4, instead of using 1.1.


On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 18:10, Mazhar Shaikh wrote:
> I have some problems with integration Axis (1-1-win32 ) and
> Apache(1.3.33-win32-x86-no_ssl) on WinXP-sp 1:Apache fail to work
> after changing httpd.conf  The error is - Syntax error on line 948 :
> Cannot load E:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/modules/mod_axis.dll
> into server
> My httpd.conf is - 948 : LoadModule axis_module modules/mod_axis.dll
> 949: <Location /axis> 950: SetHandler axis 951:</Location>
> I have mod_axis.dll in Apache2/modules/
> I have rename axiscpp.conf_win to axiscpp.conf and same with server.wsdd
> Each of this files is present.
> Apache can't start even with "apache -k" parameter

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