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Subject Re: Problem with client connecting to server
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2004 11:40:17 GMT
It is the first time I use axis c++, I am trying to develop a simple client
to use the vizier and google services

I have some questions:

1) Can I use axis c++ to connect to any services or only to services
   developed with axis?
2) where does axiscpp.conf have to be located? On the client or the server
3) if axiscpp.conf is located on the server side how can I know the path
   to this file?
4) if axiscpp.conf is located on the client side what do I have to write
in to it
   to use the above two services with my client?

From:       John Hawkins <HAWKINSJ () uk ! ibm ! com>

> Absolutely correct !

> We only run the client so can't comment on the server but yes as long as
you have the %AXISCPP_DEPLOY%\axiscpp.conf and the properties in that 
> are correct then what you say should work. Be careful that the  values  in
> this file are accurate though. The reading of this file is not
> done very well (we have JIRA issues open to improve it)

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