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From Ney André de Mello Zunino <>
Subject Re: Axis C++ 1.3 with Apache2
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 07:13:02 GMT
Ney André de Mello Zunino wrote:


> apache.exe -w -n "Apache2" -k start
> Anyway, I will report back after I try it out.

All right, I unpacked Xerces 2.2.0 and this time I managed to start 
Apache. However, it won't start using the default start shortcut, 
created by the Apache installer (and shown above). Playing on the 
command line, I found out that the problem is with the "-k start" part. 
Omitting it will make the server start. I don't see why the above option 
would have any effect of this sort, but anyway...

So, I moved on to the "Axis C++ Windows User Guide" in order to build 
and deploy my first Web Service. It was all going well until I got to 
the part where I have to run the wsdl2ws Java tool. Here are the 
contents of the directory from where I ran the command:

12/10/2004  03:57    <DIR>          .
12/10/2004  03:57    <DIR>          ..
12/10/2004  03:23             5.377 Calculator.wsdl
15/09/2004  14:35           267.960 wsdl2ws.jar
                2 File(s)        273.337 bytes
                2 Dir(s)  12.455.927.808 bytes free


And here is the command line I used (straight from the guide):

Java -classpath %classpath%;.\wsdl2ws.jar 
org.apache.axis.wsdl.wsdl2ws.WSDL2Ws Calculator.wsdl -o./ServerOut -lc++ 

Which produced the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 

Could anybody help me out?

Thank you again,

Ney André de Mello Zunino
Graduando em Ciência da Computação
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

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