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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Hot deploying axisC++
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 01:10:14 GMT
In short, it is not possible to do hot deployment with current design.
However, you could design a new deploy mechanism based on current server.wsdd mechanism. 
e.g. let the server.wsdd specify a location/folder where you could drop new deploy files in,
let the server time to time read those and load if there are any new ones. As I said - you
need a
new design around this.


--- wrote:

> > I'm working on a project to hot deploy axisC++(1.3 beta).
> You mean to hot deploy a new service on Axis c++?
> > I need information on how apache looks up the available services, and
> You mean how axis c++ server engine looks up the availbale services?.
> Actually the information of your new service should be inserted in
> server.wsdd file. According to the current deployment procedure you then
> need to restart apache. What happens is that When apache load the axisc++
> module, axisc++ engine is initialized. It will have a memory
> representation of the server.wsdd loaded at that time. When a request come
> that information of the service is utilized to locate and load the
> service. So if any change is done to server.wsdd to allow a new service,
> apache need to be restarted.
> how
> > we can add a new service to the runtime environment(like a specific
> > register) so that it won't be necessary to restart the server?
> It is not possible to deploy a new service without restarting apache, as
> explained before. Hot deployment means once you put service library and
> descripters in place engine should poll and deploy it automatically,
> right?. So in that case we need to first make engine deploy a service
> without restarting apache.
> thanks
> damitha
> >

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