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From "Titus Jakob" <>
Subject RE: C++ Client in VS .NET 2003 AxisTransportException
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 16:03:48 GMT
Hi marcus
I had ( still have ) a similar error: later on in the code, when
catching the exception I had an error 38 for iExceptionCode in the line 

what Number do you have



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Sent: Mittwoch, 11. August 2004 17:45
Subject: C++ Client in VS .NET 2003 AxisTransportException

I need some help.  We have a need to use C++ as a client to some Java

I just downloaded the latest Axis C++ to use as a client for an Axis
Java Service. 

I followed the user guide to setup a project and generate the stub from
the wsdl.  
I have also downloaded and added the xerces libs. 
I added the axis c++ bin and the xerces directories to my PATH. 

In Visual Studio .NET 2003 I created a C++ Win32 Console Application. 
I then added the generated stub files. 
I then added the Extra include path for the axis c++ include directory. 
I then added the Extra Lib for AxisClient.lib. 

I then attempted to build and was unsuccessful.  It couldn't find the
generated stub include.  So I added the generated stub directory to the
extra include path.

I then attempted to build again and it failed linking, so I copied the
AxisClient.lib to the project directory. 
I then built again, this time successful (with warnings). 
I then attempted to run my client, it failed with an
AxisTransportException on the first line in the try block of the
generated stub method trying to initialize the call.

Here is some of the code from the method it failed on: 
void OverheadTestService::doNothing()
        const char* pcCmplxFaultName;
        { if (AXIS_SUCCESS != m_pCall->initialize(CPP_DOC_PROVIDER,
        m_pCall->setTransportProperty(SOAPACTION_HEADER , "");
        m_pCall->setOperation("doNothing", "urn:OverheadTestService");
        if (AXIS_SUCCESS == m_pCall->invoke())
        if(AXIS_SUCCESS == m_pCall->checkMessage("doNothingResponse",
        /*not successful*/

Any help and assistance is greatly appreciated. 


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