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From "Kroon, Gidi" <>
Subject multiRefs in Axis C++ client?
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 12:43:24 GMT
Hello all,

At the server side I have Axis Java 1.1 sending responses containing
multiRef tags. Seems ok to me. The webservice is defined with the
provider="java:RPC" attribute on the service tag in the wsdd.

At the client side I have Axis C++ 1.2 with Expat 1.95.7, unable to
receive these responses. I blame the multiRefs, which it doesn't seem to
resolve. The call object is initialised with CPP_RPC_PROVIDER as nStyle
and SOAP version 1.1.

A test client using Axis Java 1.1 seemed to have no problems.

Does Axis C++ not support multiRefs? If it does, how can I activate
this? I'd appreciate some pointers as to where I should look to try to
solve this, either client-side or server-side.

The bigger picture is that my Java server-side has a Map containing
Maps, containing Strings and other things. My C++ client in a dll needs
to receive and send structures like these. For now I have a typeMapping
for java:java.util.Map in the wsdd that uses MapSerializerFactory etc
and specifies "" as encoding.
If there are other ways I should do this to be compatible with Axis C++,
please tell me...

Thanks in advance!

Gidi Kroon

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