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From Alexei Dets <>
Subject Re: Axis C++ build in Linux is now very simple
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:34:51 GMT
On Thursday 22 July 2004 02:50, damitha kumarage wrote:
> I have done necessary changes to make the Axis C++ build in Linux simple

Excuse me please, but this is NOT true :-(
Your changes made unnecessary manual changes of two files (that is great!) but 
introduced additional configure switches that are unnecessary because anyway 
configuration is still controled by the stupid environment variables and not 
by these switches.
So, the balance of the changes is near zero :-(((

I really, really, really appreciate the work on the Axis build process. This 
area has lots of problems at the moment. I've reported the main problems in 
JIRA, bug AXISCPP-113. If the issues will be fixed it will be great. And it 
will allow the easy packaging of Axis C++ (to rpm/deb etc.) and so will 
definetely increase its user base and adoption.

> You need to set some environment variables

This is ugly and should be eliminated. If you are using autotools for building 
then such environment variables should not be needed at all.

> AXISCPP_HOME - where you build axis c++. eg: /usr/local/axiscpp
> AXISCPP_DEPLOY - where you will install the binary
>                  eg: /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy
> APACHE2_HOME -if you need apache2 as server transport
>               eg: /usr/local/apache2
> APACHE_HOME - if you need apache 1 as server transport
>             - eg: /usr/local/apache
> EXPAT_HOME - if you use expat as the parser
>              eg: /usr/local/expat1957
> XERCESC_HOME - if you use xercesc as the parser
>                eg: /usr/local/xercesc

> ./configure --prefix=$AXISCPP_DEPLOY \

How do you propose to deploy Axis? Don't forget that prefix is usually /usr 
(or /usr/local, or /opt). Probably current Axis install structure doesn't fit 
this very well and should be changed a bit.

>     --libdir=$AXISCPP_DEPLOY/lib \
>     --bindir=$AXISCPP_DEPLOY/bin \

If you are passing libdir & bindir to configure script than WHY it is 
necessary to manually export AXISCPP_DEPLOY? Just to make build unnecessary 
more complicated? ;-)
And why it is necessary to set AXISCPP_HOME at all?

>     --enable-apache2=yes \
>     --enable-apache=no \
>     --enable-expat=yes \
>     --enable-xercesc=no \

Why not support the standard configure syntax that allows specifications of 
the path? I mean, not the form like "--enable-apache2=yes" but like 
"--with-apache2[=DIR]"? In this case _all_ other variables (APACHE2_HOME, 
APACHE_HOME, EXPAT_HOME, XERCESC_HOME) will not be needed, they all can be 
replaced with parameters to configure script!

>     --enable-samples=yes \
>     --enable-testcases=yes

This is really great!!!

> sh
> This should build all as you specified in configure and install it
> in /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy(your prefix option)

This is really bad. You assume that Axis is build with the root permissions 
but nobody who can be called Unix system administrator does this. Only 
installation is done with the root permissions, build and install steps 
_must_ be separated.


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