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From "Titus Jakob" <>
Subject C++ client problem
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 12:45:31 GMT
May be you can help me. 
1) I have a running web-service, handeled by Java-Axis. 
2) If the client is a java-client everything works well. 
3) I downloaded axis-c-1-2-alpha-win32, and created the client stubs (
see below, AAAA) 
4) the client programm (BBBB) compiles well. 
5) during run time, it successfully starts the server-side but fails
with the return value at CCCC with an "access violation"...(?)
precise error message: "unhandeled exception in CClient.exe(
AXISCLIENT.DLL ): 0X0000005: Access Violation 
Do you have me a hint, what to do? 
Thanks in advance 
CCCC (Currency2.cpp) 
if(AXIS_SUCCESS == m_pCall->checkMessage("multiplyResponse", 
#include "Currency2.h" 
int main() 
Currency2 c; 
int result = -22; 
result = c.multiply(46); 
printf("result = %d", result); 
return 0; 
java -classpath %classpath%;.\wsdl2ws.jar
http://localhost:8080/axis/Currency2.jws?WSDL -o./CurrencyCClient -lc++

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