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From michael seitlinger <>
Subject problem with generated stubs...
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:02:15 GMT

We are working with AXIS C++ Version 1.1.1...

following Situation, we designed a Webservice called TransSpeller.
This Webservice has only one method transspel. transspell should
perform a spelling suggestion and a translation of a string and should
return an answer string.

Currently we could run the Service on the server side (the task now is  
a hello world string), an we could  communicate to the service with the 
 stubs generated with  the WSDL2Ws tool.

We designed the service as a kind of a information broker,
that means that the spelling suggestion should perform by the
GoogleSearch webservice and the translation task should perform by
the BableFischService Webservice. The task of our Webservice is only
to return the results...

Problem! we are not able to communicate with both (Google and Babelfish)
Webservices. We have generated the client stubs with the WSDL2Ws tool,
an tried to call them from our service, which fails.

We tried to write  the client applications, both with Google and the 
stubs, but it also fails.... ???

Ought the generated Stubs be able to communicate with a webservice that is
not a provided sample from the axis c++ source ?? Has anyone the know how??

and another question, is it possible to to use the sample calculator 
with a java client!

kind regards,


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