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From "Rodrigo F Baroni" <>
Subject How deal with xsd__string_Array in C++ ?
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 07:50:16 GMT

   Hello all,

       I got a WSDL file, and the WSDL2Ws tool had generated the client
classes in C++, but in one of the methods that calls to the web
service, returns a xsd__string_Array type.

        How does I deal with it ? I tried creating a var of the followings types:

          char **result;
          char result[ 10 ][ 1000 ];
          std::vector< std::string > result;
          std::vector< std::string > result( 10 );

       And in all of them the compiler (g++-3.3) returns a error message
saying that there is a incompatible types, ans cannot convert
xsd__string_Array to my var (result).  Could anybody helps me ?

Rodrigo  F Baroni

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