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Subject Problem with Setup Axis C++
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 17:37:50 GMT

  I have a problem in setting up the Axis with Apache on Windows 2000.  The 
version of Axis I got is  axis-c-1-2-alpha-win32, and the versioin of Apache is 

  I followed the instruction provided on After making all the 
changes, Apache can't run any more.  I tried several times to restart the 
service, but all i got was the response error.  As soon as I remove the 
loadmodule command that I inserted into httpd.conf (as advised by the 
instruction), then apache worked again.  I am totally confused by what's going 
on.  I set the system and user environment varible AXIS_HOME = C:\program 
files\apache group\apche2\axis, also include the C:\program files\apache 
group\apache2\axis\libs in the path. 

  Can someone please kindly point out what I could have done wrong?  I noted 
that the instruction given on the webpage contains one minor error: <Location> 
instead of </Location> for the endding.  Nevertheless, I made the cahnge 
myself.  However, could there be other typos or missing information from the 
online instruction page, which prevents me from getting Axis to function 
properly with Apache?   

Thanks a lot, 


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