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From "Susantha Kumara" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Lets setup goals for Next release
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 04:22:14 GMT
Hi All,
Lets discuss the priorities of tasks for Axis C++ 1.3. Current task list
and the priorities are given below. Please help to set goals for 1.3
release and give your 
feedback, ideas etc.
Next release focus tasks
1. The real XML Pull parser integration (txpp) - Priority 1 
 - When the existing txpp parser is improved to handle namespaces we can
use it in Axis. No need to implement the type conversion layer initially
because Axis already has the type conversion routines
 - There are some other volunteers to take up some of these work
2. Libwww transport layer and chunking support in the existing transport
layer - Priority 1
 - This work may improve/write transport layers to support SWA at the
same phase
3. Improve the 2 apache modules to support http chunking (I think
receiving is already done by apache. We need to improve it for sending)
- Priority 1
4. STL elimination - Priority 2
5. RPC/Literal support - Priority 1
6. Soap with attachments. - Priority 2
7. Accepting SOAP messages containing href - Priority 1
 - Usefull to interoprate with Axis Java and .Net 
8. Encoding used for char* (UTF8, UTF16) - Priority 3
 - I would like to push this requirement to 1.4 release. Because this
includes research on some toolkits. May need a code freeze to work on.
What do you think ?.
9. completion of xsd:any support - Priority 2
 - Type registry based deserialization/serialization
 - Designing and using DOM model for any unregistered types.
Long running tasks
1. Testing for interoperability
Tasks not understood clearly
1. Array declaration should interop with .NET and Axis Java
I will add the other tasks when the discussion thread goes on. 

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