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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Re: "ntdll.dll" error
Date Fri, 07 May 2004 12:18:38 GMT

Can I ask what goes into this client log file? Is it trace or is it
messages that we actually want to bubble up to the call api so they can be
dealt with? It could be that the case is both ?

I don't like the idea that a developer might miss errors becuase they're
only getting logged and not passed upon the API - can some one give me a
warm feeling that this isn't happening please?

If the case is that ALL errors go to the API then  can I turn the client
log file off at runtime as many people won't want both?

Do we have a distinction between what is "trace" (to debug code) and what
is a "message" (that helps a user identify e.g. config issues)?

John Hawkins,

             "Sergej Privalov"                                             
             07/05/2004 08:41          <>         
             Please respond to                                     Subject 
              "Apache AXIS C           Re: Re: "ntdll.dll" error           
                User List"                                                 

>> ... Axis 1.1 ... throws an exception saying
>> "The instruction at "0x77f8910e" referenced memory at
>> "0x00000034". The memory could not be read" – in "NTDLL.DLL".

> I have the same ... Have you solved it?

No. I've got a suggestion:
to set AXIS_HOME to the deployment directory, or for some other reason Axis
cannot find its log file. Setting AXIS_HOME is written in the install
unfortunately it's currently needed also for clients. This segfault is a
known bug in Axis C++, they have already fixed this in the CVS version.
my old bug report on the list about this)

1. I have set folowed system variables:
AXIS_HOME = ...deploy;
even the:
AXISLOGPATH = ...deploy\logs\AxisLog.txt
WSDDFILEPATH = ...deploy\conf\server.wsdd
 - but it had not helped.

2. I have no idea, where to find CVS version. Will I be able to build it?

> See my old bug report on the list about this
3. Could someONE prompt me address of that list please? Because I watch all
messages getting them as e-mail only.
Then I would like to unsiscribe (to give breath to my Inox) and to use that
list (Q/A database?) instead. Will it work?

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