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From "Grundmann M., DP ITS, SCC, TR" <>
Subject possible bug in GetBasicArray()
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 08:11:41 GMT
Hello all,

I had a problem deserializing a SOAP message on the client side.
The data definition in the wsdl file looks like this:

			<xsd:complexType name="ArrayOfUnsigned">
					<xsd:restriction base="soapenc:Array">
						<xsd:attribute ref="soapenc:arrayType" wsdl:arrayType="xsd:unsignedLong[]"/>
			<xsd:complexType name="some_data_type">
					<xsd:element name="element01" type="intf:ArrayOfUnsigned"/>
					<xsd:element name="element02" type="intf:ArrayOfUnsigned"/>
					<xsd:element name="element03" type="xsd:boolean"/>
					<xsd:element name="element04" type="xsd:boolean"/>

The method SoapDeSerializer::GetBasicArray() fails after successfully processing element01.
I've found out that the method doesn't skip the end node of the array and as a consequence
of that it starts with the wrong offset when processing element02.
I solved the problem by adding the line
m_pNode = m_pParser->Next();
but I cannot estimate any side effects.


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