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From Thomas <>
Subject Exception thrown & missing client-side files?
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 10:34:36 GMT

I'm new to Axis C++ and am trying to build a Client-side application under 
I have chosen the Calculator as my test.

Now, I have successfully built the application with Axis C++ 1.1, and the 
application loads properly with AxisClient.dll and the expat's dll also.

The difficulty I am seeing is that the application throws an exception 
during construction of the calculator!  It appears to be thrown during the 
construction of the Call() object.

         m_pCall = new Call();      // *********** bad - exception thrown

I have tried to learn more about this problem by building the Axis C++ 
debug client library from downloaded sources (the .zip file download). When 
I link with and load this rebuilt version of the Axis client library the 
exception is not thrown.  BUT the application still fails, it returns an 
AXIS_FAIL instead of throwing an exception.

The reason for the new failure is that the Client library seems to be 
looking for some very specific files and setup information:

       * An environment variable called AXIS_HOME
       * A config file called axiscpp.conf
       * Another config file known as the client side WSDD

This is as far as I have gotten, maybe there are additional requirements I 
have not uncovered yet.

When I reviewed the instructions for creating and running the Calculator 
example, with the heading "

Coding the client,"

I did not notice any of these things mentioned as requirements before it 
would be possible to run the program; so perhaps I accidentally overlooked 
them.  Then I searched recursively for any .conf file in my AxisCPP 
directory and there was no .conf file to be found anywhere.  So there does 
not seem to be a file that gives an example of the correct syntax.

For right now, can anyone supply example of the required .conf file and 
maybe instructions about how the client-side .wsdd should be edited 
(customized?) for the particular machine it is running on.

(I hope that maybe in the future these things might become optional, 
perhaps automatically set to reasonable defaults, because it seems like 
excessive amount of setup required simply to run Calculator client program.)

Ok, well, thank you for your help!

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