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From Mark Sizer <>
Subject Re: Problems with Axis 1.1 and Apache2 on WinXP
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 17:30:19 GMT
Flax wrote:
> is no one can help me? :(

Excellent attachment! Even though they're bad protocol, it was very 
helpful. I didn't even know that program existed.

What version of Apache do you have? I'm looking at the source for 2.0.49 
and see both functions:

APR_DECLARE(const apr_array_header_t *) apr_table_elts(const apr_table_t *t)


APR_DECLARE(void) apr_table_set(apr_table_t *t, const char *key,
                                 const char *val)

In the file apr_tables.c (there is no $version tag so I don't know the 
file version).

I had problems with the Axis installation, too. I upgraded to the latest 
version of Apache. The problem had nothing to do with Apache (bad 
configuration on my part), but I don't have the older version around any 

HTH a little bit, at least,

- Mark

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