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Subject How to solve sample failure problem in linux
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2004 06:48:24 GMT

When you run base and doclitbase sample interchangingly at some points some
methods fail. When you restart apache2 they work again. but again when you
run them interchangingly problem occures again.

Same problem happens when you run groupB and doclitgroupB interchangbly.

I found the cause of this and a temporary solution.
When you stop using ltdl dynamic loading mechanic in Axis C++(remove
-DUSE_LTDL cpp flag from src/engine/server/ and
src/engine/client/ and build again) the problem solved.

That means the problem is with the ltdl mechanism. Somebody(As i remember
Sam Lang) sent a patch to use ltdl instead of native linux dll loading
mechanism so that the libraries created will be portable among unix
So if you put -DUSE_LTDL flag the code use ltdl. Otherwise it uses linux
native dll loading mechanism.

I think the problem with ltdl is that it get confuses with the memory
instance of those two services because both have similar models in memory.
But I need to look into this matter more deeply since what we ultimately
need to use is ltdl libraries.
Does someone have any idea why this happen with ltdl?


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