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From "Stefan Schmidt" <>
Subject Deserialization of Custom Objects
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 18:04:20 GMT
Does this work properly yet? I have a really simple custom object
containing a string and an integer but this object is not deserialized

in Call::Invoke() there is a call to m_pIWSDZ:

pParam = (Param*)m_pIWSDZ->GetParam();

which (when I look into pParam in the debugger) contains the string I am
expecting as part of the custom object rather than the custom object

Then it proceeds to calling the implementation of the deserilization
function of my custom object (as created by wsdl2wc), which does:

param->ACode = pIWSDZ->GetString();
param->NResult = pIWSDZ->GetInt();

but GetString() returns NULL.

When I modify Call::invoke() to do 4x GetParam() I see:

pParam1 - type = ACCESSOR, value = empty
pParam2 - type = USER_TYPE, value = empty
pParam3 - type = XSD_STRING, value = expected string value
pParam4 - type = XSD_INT, value = expected int value

Has anyone got an idea what's going on?


Stefan Schmidt
FelixCAD/CeCAD Support and Development
+49 (0)30 89690350

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