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From "Susantha Kumara" <>
Subject RE: Three work arounds OR Bug
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 06:46:48 GMT
We have already fixed these issues in the CVS. And we soon release Axis C++


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  Sent: Friday, March 19, 2004 11:17 AM
  To: Apache AXIS C User List
  Subject: Three work arounds OR Bug

  I wrote a webservice client using Axis CPP. Everything worked fine but I
faced problem in getting string of 3k+ from web service. Please note that
two more user had complained about this.
  I did not get any answer from this group so i investigated myself and
found work arounds (These could be bug in Axis CPP but only concerned
developer can confirm this).

  Problem : When return string is more than 4K then sockets does not receive
that properly.
  File name: Channel.cpp
  Method : const Channel& Channel::operator >> (std::string& msg)
  Old line : buf[nByteRecv+1] = '\0';
  Changed : buf[nByteRecv] = '\0';
  Explanation: Socket receives "nByteRecv" bytes in char array from 0 to
nByteRecv-1 ,So buf[nByteRecv] = '\0'; should be done.

  Problem : When return string is more than 1K then last byte is truncated.
  File name: XMLStreamHandler.cpp
  Method :  void  XMLStreamHandler::characters (const XMLCh *const
chars,const unsigned int length)
  Old line :  AxisChar* pchar = new AxisChar[nLen];
            if (XMLString::transcode( chars, pchar, nLen-1))
  Changed : AxisChar* pchar = new AxisChar[nLen + 1];
               if (XMLString::transcode( chars, pchar, nLen))
  Explanation: This is very common bug we face so I feel we do not need

  Problem : Character array is added to integer. Sometime it throws
  File name: Receiver.cpp
  Method :  const char* Receiver::Recv(int nMaxToRead) throw (AxisException)
  Old line :  m_pMsg += m_BytesRead;
  Changed : comment this line.

  Thanks & Regards
  Shiv Kumar

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