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From "Susantha Kumara" <>
Subject FW: Work items for the Release - FYI
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 05:19:56 GMT

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From: Susantha Kumara []
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2004 8:52 PM
To: axis-c-dev
Subject: Work items for the Release

Hi Team,

As the current Axis C++ codebase has some major features added, its
suggested that we have a quick release in 1-2 weeks. When considered the
work that the team is working on I found we can finish following work for
the release.
The aim of this release is to provide users of Axis C++ a stable release
(rather than new features) with latest code which include following major
diffrences from Release 1.0.

- Document / literal support.
- Complete C web service and clients (compiler independant way).
- Use of Expat parser for performance.
- New Handler writing API

After this release I expect to come up with a plan to add the new features.

1).Source Restructuring
- Include files should be restructured in the CVS folder hiarachy to keep
include files that goes with binary distribution  seperately. Then CVS
folder /c/include will contain only the include files that goes with binary
distribution and all  other include files are moved to the respective /c/src

2) Writing critical failures to error logs.

3). Build environments.
- Distribution build files for windows/linux. Rather than building each
project and manually copying the files to prepare  the distribution we need
to have build files (Makefiles, Visual C++ build files, other) to automate
this process.
- Borland C projects and/or build files
- Visual studio 7.0 projects.

4).Client Engine
- Implementation of client Side handler processing
- Making a single client side static library

5).Serialization / Deserialization
- Current Axis code does not support parsers other than Expat. We need to
write wrappers for using xerces.
- Adding Base64binary/HexBinary encode/decode functions to
BasicTypeSerializer (This is find out a good existing encode/decode
functions and add them).

6).WSDD processing
- Axis source code at CVS uses only Expat parser to parse WSDD file.We have
to define Interfaces and wrappers for  supporting other parsers (xerces)
- Implementation of serialize methods to every WSDD class for writing WSDD
file from the memory representation (this  feature is required for dynamic

7). Handlers
All handlers have to be modified/tested with new API.

8).New featurs to Add

9). WSDL2WS code generation
Generation of deploy.wsdd and undeploy.wsdd

Update Existing Documentation to reflect all recent changes.

Please let me know your ideas/feedback so that I can come up with a Release



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