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From "Zolyomi Istvan (EXT-IT-Guru/Budapest)" <>
Subject Re: Problems running Axis with Apache 2
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 13:04:28 GMT


Finally I succeeded to compile the today (03.12) cvs version. However, I
have a very similar segfault problem that was mentioned by Samisa. I
tested compiling Axis C++ using both apache 2.0.40 and 48, but both
results in the same error:

When apache starts, it cannot create its child processes normally ('ps
aux' shows only a single process), so immediately begins to write
messages to the error_log, for all 10 child creation attempts in every

[Fri Mar 12 13:43:10 2004] [notice] child pid 28483 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)

Since it cannot create its child processes, it cannot serve any
requests. the symptoms are not related to any interop examples. I'm
using RedHat9 with expat 1.95.7, apache 2.0.40 was installed from rpm
packages, 48 was compiled manually.

I've been struggling with Axis C++ for the third day now, but I'm
becoming desperate about it, not being able to run even a single sample
project. Does anyone have any ideas about this segfault?



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