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From "Susantha Kumara" <>
Subject RE: axis c++ project questions
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 09:16:06 GMT
Hi sam,

Please feel free to add these to the TODO list at

That helps us to recognize and organize the work to be done in Axis C++
Then someone can take over to the task and do it.

> I have some issues I would like to raise on the list to get feedback
> from developers and users.
> 1. The error handling in Axis is pretty much non-existent.  The only
> error code returned from a function in most cases is AXIS_FAIL, which
> tells me nothing about the cause of the error.  Also, there's no
> framework for chaining errors along from a base cause through the call
> stack.  I'd like to see some kind of error handling architecture in
> place, with an explicit project statement about how functions/methods
> should create and use them.  Any thoughts on this?

Yes this is something we have missed. And we have added this to above TODO
and also have suggested few hints to do this.

> 2. C++ compilers across platforms behave quite differently in what C++
> features are allowed and how they are treated.  Other C++ projects have
> stated in writing what C++ features are portable, and which are not and
> should be avoided. (for example, Mozilla has
>  I would expect
> XercesC++ has something like this at least internally, although I don't
> see anything on their website.  Its vital that AxisC++ provide or
> something like this.  I've run into a number of problems with AxisC++
> over the lifetime of the project that seem to be platform specific.
> Does anyone know what XercesC++ policy is on writing portable C++?

We need this and coding guidelines as well. I appreciate if you can do the
initial work by looking at the existing codebase and suggesting where what
and how to change.



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