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From Jaspreet Singh <>
Subject questions about axis 1.0
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 06:31:16 GMT

I started working with Axis 1.0 final and had some problems running a sample
web service (stripped out version of the interopbase example) with the

1. In SoapDeSerializer.cpp i had to copy the SetInputStream fn from beta
source since the new version didn't work. Parsing the soap msg with
SoapInputSource apparently returns a parser error.

2. In Packet.cpp i had to modify the set_header fn. I also want some
clarifications regarding this fn. the actual code is -

 int set_header(Ax_soapstream* soap, char * pchkey, char * pchvalue)
     Ax_header * temp = soap->so.http.ip_headers;	//Why input header
pointer? (in my case this ptr is invalid)
        soap->so.http.op_headers = (Ax_header*)realloc(temp,
        soap->so.http.op_headers =

we _set_ the output headers and _get_ the input headers. but who does the
switching? e.g the client sets the output headers that the server has to
get. are these headers switched during parsing of soap msg?
in my sample the soap headers that the client passes don't get parsed at the
server end. the headers are empty. so the endpoint url is obtained from the
uri and not the soapaction header.

3. are there a set of unit tests that we can run?


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