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From "sanjaya singharage" <>
Subject Re: Why I get this error when I try to use WSDL2WS tool ?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 18:16:56 GMT
could you post the complete stack trace (error message)?
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Axis User 
  Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 7:27 AM
  Subject: Why I get this error when I try to use WSDL2WS tool ?

  Why I get this error when I try to use WSDL2WS tool ?

  echo %CLASSPATH%
  C:\Documents and Settings\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win32\lib\axisjav
  a\axis.jar;C:\Documents and Settings\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win32\
  lib\axisjava\commons-discovery.jar;C:\Documents and Settings\axis_user\My Doc
  uments\axis-c-1-0-win32\lib\axisjava\commons-logging.jar;C:\Documents and Settin
  gs\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win32\lib\axisjava\jaxrpc.jar;C:\Documen
  ts and Settings\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win32\lib\axisjava\saaj.jar
  ;C:\Documents and Settings\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win32\lib\axisja
  va\wsdl4j.jar;C:\Documents and Settings\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win
  C:\Documents and Settings\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win32\lib\axis>J
  va -classpath %classpath%;.\wsdl2ws.jar org.apache.axis.wsdl.wsdl2ws.WSDL2Ws Ca
  culator.wsdl -o./ServerOut -lc++ -sserver
  Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: and
  C:\Documents and Settings\axis_user\My Documents\axis-c-1-0-win32\lib\axis>

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